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Monitoring and Tracking

Through training, monitoring and tracking your business can perform measurably better than your competitors' and help your business grow. Make more profit with less effort

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SEO Dojo


SERPs Tracking


SEO Dojo


SERPs Tracking


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SEO Dojo - Free SEO Training

At SEO Dojo we have one simple aim: To help you understand SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and then provide you with the tools to monitor and track both your SEP (Search Engine Positioning) and SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Basically: Where you appear in the search results.

What Is SEO?

At it's simplest Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about optimising your website so that it ranks highly in search. You can of-course extend this to Social Media Optimisation (SMO) and even Social Media Marketing (SMM) but here we'll focus mainly on on-site (on your website) organic SEO.

Why Do I need To Do SEO?

Let's take an example, you sell shoes. Leather shoes to be precise, mens leather shoes to be even more precise and you're based in Cambridge.

Now, how do people search for you on the Internet? "Leather shoes in Camnridge" perhaps or just "shoes in Cambridge" or maybe some other variation.

What SEO does firstly is tell you WHAT people are looking for, this is called keyword research. You can then take this information and customise (optimise) the content so when people are searching they are more likely to find you.

In essence that's what SEO is. There's more, much more and that's what we aim to help you with through our training.

SEO Training

Here we provide you with access to material to help you not only optimise your website but understand why. You'll learn the process of SEO from the ground up and if you already know some SEO you can jump in anywhere you like and start building your SEO knowledge there.

SEO Monitoring

Implementing your SEO is actually quite easy once you know how. We've been doing this for over 20 years now so many things come as second nature. However, you have to know how your SEO is doing and what requires improvement and that's where monitoring comes in.

We'll show you how to monitor and evaluate your SEO efforts quickly and easily so that you can effectively manage and monitor your own SEO for your online business.

Serps Tracking

SERPs tracking or (Search Engine Results Pages) tracking is taking things to a new level. Through our training components we'll show you how to identify the most popular phrases for your business, sector and audience. Through the SEO monitoring you'll be able to see how effective these tactics are for the people that visit you through social and organic search.

What SERPs tracking does is show you how well your chosen keywords and topics are doing in the search results. For example, if you sold leather shoes on Florida then we could easily identify who is top of search for that search term, who is second and so on.

Armed with this information you can quickly and easily track not just how effective your website is in search but also your competitors.

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Training, Monitoring And Tracking That's easy to understand

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Learn At Your Own Pace

Access and review our content any time you're free. Add to your knowledge as and when you can.

Test and Improve

Test out your ideas and monitor the results to see how effective your optimisation is. See for yourself how effective SEO can be.

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Monitor Your Website

Through Google Analytics or even using our own tools so that you can measure the effectiveness of your SEO campaign.

Get Detailed Information

On your website traffic such as how users found you, where they came from and what they found most interesting about your website.

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Track your preferred keywords and topics and even those of your competitors if you like. See where they and you lie in the SERPs.


Adjust your SEO to improve your rankings and rise to the top of search for your chosen phrases.

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About You

And how well you're doing in search. Learn how effective your SEO has been or even use our system to measure the performance of a third party web design or optimisation agency.

About Your Competitors

Find out where they appear in the search results. Identify areas of opportunity or weakness that you can exploit to improve your brand's ranking in search.

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