Domain Name

EMDs or Exact Match Domains can be (if used correctly) highly succesful. However, gone are the days when you could simply think up a domain name and register it. The chances are these days that the domain you want is already in use. Let's say for example you're selling black…
The importance of having keywords in a domain name has changed significantly over the years. While at one point in time, domains with keywords were ranking better because they were considered more relevant to the search terms people used; nowadays keywords in domain names are no longer as important for…
You might think that the age of a domain is a sigificant ranking factor and you'd be forgiven for thinking so. Back in 2005 Google filed a patent on using historical search results which losely links to this. In the following video by Matt Cutts he states Domain age clearly…
Before you choose your domain name you might also like to consider which TLD (Top Level Domain) you'd like to use. Years ago you could just think up a domain name and register it but now things are a little harder and because of the number of websites out there…

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