Serps Tracking

What is SERPs tracking?

SERPs or "Search Engine Results Pages" is a term used to define where you rank in search. For example, if you were to use and search for black leather shoes you'd probably find, as we did, that there are 4 adverts at the top of the results, nothing to the right hand side (usually reserved for Google Local Business pages and other information) and then the first organic result is for a page on the Debenhams website for mens shoes.

If you do the same in Google Spain or Netherlands then different results appear of-course. Also, the search results can vary depending on many other factors such as the time of day, recent news or events and also what you have been browsing recently.

You'll notice also that as you scroll down these results other companies have results listed such as Clarks and Next. However, as outlined in our blog article on SERPs Tracking around 18% of users click the #2 organic link whereas around 40% of users click the #1 organic link.

Why do you need it?

Well, let's say that in an average month 4,400 people search for "black leather shoes" that would mean that if your website was the #1 organic link you would expect to receive around 1,760 visits a month from organic search. If your website was the #2 link however, you'd expect to receive around 792 visitors to your website from organic search.

Now let's say that only 10% of 1% of those actually converted to a sale then that would equate to roughly 1-2 sales a month, purely from organic search. In reality though the figure can be much higher indeed!

Armed with this information you can see how valuable that much coveted number 1 position is in the SERPs !

This of-course is a rather simplistic view of SERPs. Typically businesses will want to track multiple sets of keywords and search phrases. They will also want to see how these search terms perform over time as they may well be promoting their website or blog posts through social media and other means.

What does it do?

Tracking how well you are doing in search can be an extremely time (and cost) consuming task. If you add to this the fact that you may well want to see how your competitors are performing then the sheer volume of information available can be staggering.

We help you cut through all that with a simple to use, mobile friendly interface that shows you how well you are doing in search for a specified search term(s).

With our system you can:

  • Track multiple websites
  • Follow the progress of multiple search terms
  • Input your search terms from different countries
  • Track these terms searched from specific locations (right down to city level)
  • Differentiate your results on mobile and desktop
  • Even add custom parameters to the search term such as language or location data
  • See how your competitors are doing or even create a separate project to track them individually

No code needs to be inserted into your website, no changes are required at all. You can track your own website and those of your competitors with a just few clicks.

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