See If Your SEO Is Working

We cover this briefly in our article on SEO Monitoring where we discuss some of the tools available to measure your SEO efforts.

The reality is that no matter how much "SEO" you do you will need to effectively track this and see how it's performing.

Let's take for example that you have launched a new product or service, or even an entire website and it's optimised for a very specific or niche search term.

Now you can monitor manually by executing a search, you can even monitor through Google Analytics and Google Search Console but that will only give you a small part of the story. No historical performance will be saved so you'll never know why you've lost ranking, just that you lost it.

What SEO Dojo's SERPs Tracking system allows you to do is not only track your search results but track them over time and also those of your competitors.

What this means is that if you do launch that new site or make changes to your SEO you can monitor this effectively and see whether those changes had a positive or negative impact on your search results.

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